music pictures by Pat Blashill

Doctors' Mob were Steve Collier, Jody Hunt and Karl Schultz; then Collier plus Don Lamb, Glenn Benavides, Jimmy Doluisio; then Collier, Lamb, Benavides and Tim Swingle.

Doctor’s Mob began as a mod band, and then became Austin’s answer to the Replacements. Except that contemporary accounts suggest that Paul Westerberg was an asshole, and the Mob were just a bit…sloppy. Steve Collier had been the first drummer for the Big Boys, and then he quit to form the Capris with Jody Hunt and Karl Schultz. Unfortunately, they asked me to ‘manage’ them, and I agreed, to their detriment. Then the Capris became Doctors’ Mob, then both Jody and Karl left, and Steve started all over again with Jimmy, Don and Glenn. I continued to direct their career until they wrote a scathing song about me, which was called “Pat Blashill.” I quit in a huff, and at last the Mob was free to blossom. My favorite song was always “The Cage”--it had teeth.

I later traveled with the band on a short East Coast tour. One night, we played at a bar with a pirate theme. Maybe six paying customers. Ahoy! Afterwards, we didn't have a place to stay. So in desperation, Steve called the only person he knew in New Jersey: Glenn Danzig, who had once been the singer of the world's greatest monster punk band, the Misfits. "Hello, Glenn? We met in Austin once! My band is in town, and we really need a place to stay. Could you maybe help us out?" There was a pause, then the unmistakable Elvis-damaged voice on the other end said, "Uhh, I don't like people."