music pictures by Pat Blashill

"The Big Boys peculiar split personality (one part Black Flag, one part Cameo) became part of the soundtrack to my college years and I found myself preaching to my friends about them regularly.
When they played in Chicago I was front and center, transfixed by the brawling rhythm section of the stocky Chris Gates and the boyish Reynolds Washam and the twin weirdnesses of oddly-haired alien guitar scientist Tim Kerr and the Titanic Randy "Biscuit" Turner, who reminded me of one of those tutu-clad dancing hippos from Fantasia.
Santiago's Girlfriend Diane used to carry a cassette recorder everywhere, and she taped that show, concluding the tape by riding away on her vespa, a dimming 100-strong chorus of punk rockers singing 'whoa-whoa' gradually being consumed by the sound of her motor.
I remain convinced."
Steve Albini, Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac

The Big Boys were Biscuit, Tim Kerr, Chris Gates, and at one time or another, Steve Collier, Rey Washam, Fred Shultz or Greg Murray.

“We’ve got soul/Let’s take control!”
Big Boys

“The anarchy skate symbol was easier and faster to graffiti than ‘Big Boys.’”
Tim Kerr, guitar

“Playing with the Big Boys was like nothing else in the world…No attitudes. No bullshit. Just pure old Texas hospitality with a heaping helping of twisted punk rock mentality mixed in.”
Brian Brannon, singer, Jody Foster’s Army, editor, Thrasher magazine

"Years ago at Dischord house I remember Biscuit slaving in the kitchen all day, making chicken and dumplings for a big dinner. What a chef. Rey helped me till our entire backyard and landscape it all while they were in town. Chris and Tim and I would use each others' silkscreens to make funny pillowcases and such with Big Boys on one side and Minor Threat on the other. Tim was always eager to paint his anarchy A/skateboard graphic on anything that wasn't moving. When we would visit Austin, they were amazing hosts, showing us skateboarding hot spots and introducing us to new spicy foods. The Big Boys were a great band with a genuine spirit and groove, very fun to sing along with and dance to."
Jeff Nelson, Minor Threat