music pictures by Pat Blashill

“Wanna be the big new teen in hardcore circles? Get some other dilheads together, call yourselves Antagonistic Decline or Vicious Tendencies or Unrepentant Youth or some such thing, copy every lick from the Dischord collection and write songs about military intervention, whether you know anything about it or not, and you’re guaranteed a good review in Maximumrocknroll.”
Steve Albini, Matter magazine, 1982:

“I don’t think Pussy Galore records are unlistenable. Why would I want to do that? No, no, there may have been a desire on our part early on to make the music hard, but I think that’s gone away. Also, early on, we were influenced by sixties garage punk, and my favorite records were the ones with lousy production. Pussy Galore is just music—the music we like.”
Jon Spencer, Pussy Galore, 1989

“Actually, I coined the phrase ‘alternative’ back in 1980. I was trying to get this trade magazine named Rockpool to review records by bands like Joy Division. So I told them that they should write about all these bands that were an alternative to the mainstream. Now that phrase has become the embarrassment of my career.”
Terry Tolkin, former Touch & Go Records executive, and VP of A&R, Elektra Records, 1992-1996

“Our first national tour was a blast and a big adventure. But all the clubs were the same—you’d walk in and smell the beer that was spilled all over the floor the night before. You’d kiss the sound man’s ass so you could get good sound and then play through a crappy PA. So after that show in New York, we just quit. We were burned out. We drove fifty hours from New York to Seattle. We only stopped for gas, and all we ate was powdered donuts.”
Chris Novoselic, Nirvana

“The second time I saw Nirvana was at Jabberjaw in L.A. And they just absolutely wrecked the place. The crowd was just weaving in thrall to whatever song they played. The whole room was just one big snake dance.”
Iggy Pop, 1996

“On the night we debuted Slacker in Austin, we showed the movie, and then we all went to see Mudhoney afterward. And they were great. But of course, later, I got sucked up into the whole Generation X grunge hype, and people would ask me what I thought about Nirvana. I’d say, ‘Yeah, gee, I like them, but I also listen to all sorts of stuff you’ve probably never heard of.’”
Rick Linklater, director

“With us, it just happened overnight. Everything changed for me after Nevermind hit. And I started noticing that things had changed in Seattle. You used to be able to go down and catch shows, and you would know everybody. It was a tiny little scene, real innocent and unadulterated. It was a complete counterculture. Then you started to notice people coming in from the suburbs. Then it was totally absorbed by the mainstream culture. Everything just got co-opted.”
Chris Novoselic, Nirvana

"Alternative music sucks. Blows dead dogs. I hate alternative music. I hate alternative people. They can all kiss my ass. Alternative has become something that's marketed to the upper-demo American, someone who's probably college-educated, someone who's gonna be in middle management or above."
Iggy Pop, 1996