music pictures by Pat Blashill

Galaxie 500 were Naomi Yang, Damon Krukowski and Dean Wareham.

Reporter: “What are you afraid of?
Dean Wareham: Bees. Bees and wasps.

Damon Krukowski: “I do have old drums, from the 50’s, early 60’s. We listen to a lot of old music, more than we would run out and find out what Mudhoney sounds like.”

Krukowski: “If you get a big crowd in Boston, it tends to be a college crowd. If you go see the Pixies now, there’s kind of a drunk, college pick-up scene.
Wareham: “Yeah, they’re just not into the groove. They’re not into the love groove like they are here [in New York City] at CBGBs.”
(above quotes from a Galaxie 500 interview with Pat Blashill for Spin, December 1989