music pictures by Pat Blashill

The Replacements were Paul Westerberg, Bob Stinson, Tommy Stinson and the immortal Chris Mars.

"That particular night also marked the debut of Mars's rarely seen alter ego, "Pappy the Clown." Every once in a while, even the relatively steady Mars would lose it. He'd get lit to the gills, sneak off somewhere, and put on whiteface and his loudest, silliest clothes, maybe don a goofy hat and tie balloons around his neck, and reappear only minutes before showtime. "I remember one time when Pappy showed up," says [Bill] Sullivan. "Chris--I mean Pappy--looked over at me and he held out the drumsticks and I was like, 'New sticks?' He shakes his head. 'More sticks?' He shakes his head. I'm, like, 'What?!' He goes, 'New drummer.'"
Michael Azerrad, Our Band Could be Your Life

“If this isn’t their worst release, I guess it’s their best.”
Byron Coley, on the Replacements’ The Shit Hits the Fan, Forced Exposure magazine, 1985

Essential Listening:
Let it Be